"Hygiene is our priority, nails are our passion."

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"Hygiene is our priority, nails are our passion."


Gel nails done right by one of our technicians.


Our goals here at Sessy Nails are to be sanitary, to perfect your nails, and to create a friendly, welcoming environment. So, our nail technicians reflect these goals by being patient, talented, and are more than willing to cater to your preferences. We have the most suitable nail technicians waiting to pamper you and make you feel beautiful. Or, as we say, sessy!

Color Selection

Name a color, any color. Abracadabra...we have it! From gel, SNS, acrylic, to regular polish, we got it - with 3,000+ bottles of gel polish as well as 600+ SNS dipping powder colors for you to choose from.

Our wide selection of SNS dipping powder!

SNS nails done right by one of our technicians.

SNS Professionals

Did we mention that we're able to provide SNS services for you? We are one of the ONLY few nail salons in Orange County that can do SNS correctly so that your nails are durable for weeks on end.  SNS is in between acrylic and gel - it is light and lets your nail breathe yet has the same longevity as acrylics.


Sanitation is one of our biggest priorities. Your nails are also a priority of ours, but we are absolutely obsessed with making sure that our salon is spotless because we too are disgusted by germs! Hence our motto, "Hygiene is our priority, nails are our passion".

A sanitizing machine to assure good hygiene among the salon.