"Hygiene is our priority, nails are our passion."


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Meet the Founders

It was during the summer of 2014 when Ly and Tom met. Ly had worked in the nail industry for over twenty-five years, while Tom was an IT worker for another company. Ly was in the process of building a new salon, and asked Tom to join her in building it. Sure enough, Tom switched his profession at once - he enjoyed taking risks and found his previous job horribly monotonous. Together, they built Sessy Nails from the ground up with a vision of it becoming the cleanest, friendliest nail salon in Orange County. The name "Sessy Nails" was created by combining the words "sexy" and "sassy", which is how they want their clients to feel after each visit. With passion and virtue, Ly and Tom continue to work their hardest to provide the best experience possible to everyone who steps foot in their salon, a creation that embodies another home to their employees and clients.